1k Followers in 4 Weeks

Challenge & Playbook

Do you feel like you're doing #allthethings to grow your Instagram community and increase engagement, but it's moving slower than your grandma's scooter?

Now there's obviously no point growing your profile just for the vanity metrics and especially if people aren't engaging with your content. But if you want to build a genuine community of people interested in your mission, this is for you.


Sign up for this 4-week challenge to 1k engaged Instagram friends and put into practice the exact strategy I used to grow my community (100% organically) to over 1k engaged people in the first month, which is now growing by 60-80 people a day and on track for 10k in 4.5 months!


I've tried and tested different methods and created this playbook based on evidence of what really works and what doesn't. 


I'll give you 4 weeks' of daily tasks, plus an ebook packed with strategies and insights on everything you need to know to grow your audience, including:

  • Optimizing your profile

  • Increasing engagement

  • Creating content

  • Analyzing insights

  • Hashtag research


Are you ready to join me, quit the guess work and fast-forward your Instagram growth?

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